GOP Congress agrees with Trump that 'Dreamers' can stay

After Donald Trump a few days ago said the children of illegal aliens, the so-called "Dreamers," would be "very happy and proud" regarding his new immigration policies, Republicans in Congress have agreed to introduce legislation allowing them to stay in the country.

"I think the administration should seriously look at a soft landing for them. I really do," said Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.), a member of the Judiciary Committee. In an interview Thursday, Tillis said he planned to huddle with fellow GOP Sens. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Jeff Flake of Arizona about their legislation that would extend the key protections for immigrants who got work permits through the 2012 program, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, the fifth-ranking member of GOP leadership, [said] "There will be a lot of sympathy for kids who were brought here when they were kids," Blunt said in an interview. "I just think it's an easy thing to understand."

Make no mistake: Republicans still say Obama was clearly wrong to act on his own to grant the reprieve to the Dreamers. But they acknowledge the reality of 740,000 young immigrants who have submitted fingerprints, paid fees and are now attending school or working legally.

"I think that we should have something that balances the concerns of all the parties involved and make sure that we don't pull the rug out from under people," Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) said Thursday. "The transition team wants to make sure they get this right."

To recap:

1) Obama unconstitutionally granted legal protected status to children of illegal aliens, many of whom are no longer children.

2) Republicans protested this outrageously illegal act not authorized by Congress.

3) After the election, Republicans say they will not overturn Obama's illegal amnesty and are working on ways to continue it.

4) Since it was the parents of the children who committed the illegal acts, it is OK if the children benefit from them.

5) Repeated mention is made of the great sympathy for the plight of illegals.  There is zero discussion of the impact of all these illegals on American citizens; that's not even part of the calculation.

6) Once the children's legal status is confirmed, they will never be asked to leave.  And once they are never asked to leave, neither will their parents be.

Thank you, Donald Trump and the GOP, for continuing Obama's legacy of illegal immigration and chain migration.

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