Evidence emerging that Dems’ disparagement of Trump victory is backfiring

Sorry, Dems, but you no longer have the ability to control the national discussion, even with the full-throated, near unanimous support of the legacy media.  They, and you, have lost credibility and are being ignored and rejected by enough people that you only harm yourselves.

Salena Zito, one of a handful of pundits to understand the Trump phenomenon, clearly sees what is going on as the Democrats continue their spiral into marginality.  Writing in the New York Post, she finds polling signs as well as anecdotal evidence that the Dems are driving away support:

 Democrats’ belief that new information revealed after Donald Trump’s election — as when the reports of Russian interference spurred calls on the left for a revote or, failing that, “faithless” electors to abandon Trump — would change voters’ minds has taken another hit.

A Pew Research survey Wednesday showed a whopping 97 percent of all voters would cast the exact same vote they did on Election Day, including 99 percent of Trump voters and 96 percent of Clinton voters. As with the recount that saw Clinton lose votes and the Electoral College vote that saw her lose electors, only 1 percent of Trump voters regret their vote, while 4 percent of Clinton voters do.

The numbers so far are tiny, but the ratios are huge.  Four times as many Clinton supporters have been driven away by the tantrums, compared to Trump supporters.

The expression “sore loser” has persisted as part of the popular vocabulary for good reasons.  The ability to accept defeat gracefully is an essential part of civil order.  The corollary is that those unable to accept defeat, even when final and incontestable, are disfavored by the sensible majority.

If the dead-enders among the Democrats are able to persist, the party will be in big trouble.  Smart Democrats, like Chuck Schumer, know they have to at least say that they will work with the incoming president on issues where they agree and lay off the futile unceasing opposition.

Hat tip: Ed Lasky

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