Did golf save the United States?

Nearly eight years ago, as Barack Obama took office, Rush Limbaugh opined that he hoped that the new President would fail.  While the media attempted to spin his words into wishing ill upon the nation, it was clear to those of us Hillary Clinton labels "deplorables" exactly what it was that Rush meant.

Fast-forward to today, and it's clear that Obama didn't fail, and was instead wildly successful in his fundamental transformation of the U. S. into what Time Magazine now calls the "Divided States of America."  While I too wish Obama had failed, I also can't help but recognize that things could in fact be much worse than they are today. 

A couple of months before Donald Trump shellacked Hillary Clinton in the election, President Obama took some time away from his busy golf schedule to continue his global apology tour, in Laos, where he twice implied that Americans are lazy.  Interesting words coming from a president who has played more than three hundred games of golf during the course of his seven-year presidency.  Yes, I say seven years, because, during the nearly eight years since he took the oath of office, he has spent close to one entire year of his presidency whacking a little white ball around.

In a sane world, the employer (American citizens) would clearly have terminated an employee (Obama) for such a lax attitude toward work.  But a gimmie is surely in order for this particular putz, as his golfing escapades may have actually turned out to be a good thing for the vast majority of Americans.

Could it be that the combination of a lazy president and the game of golf actually helped to save the U. S.?  Just think of what this divisive community organizer could have accomplished if he instead worked during just one-half of those extra 300 days (by the way, I'm really looking forward to seeing what Trump can accomplish with just 100 days).

Further, the accumulated $85-million price tag for Obama's family vacations may on the surface appear to be pretty steep.  But the nine-trillion dollar debt increase under Obama's watch (which he couldn't have accomplished without some excellent Republican caddies) comes out to roughly $3.4 billion per day while in office if his 300 golf days are subtracted from the mix.  Had Obama been working instead of counting his strokes, he would have likely found a way to saddle future generations with an additional trillion-plus-dollars in debt using the help of feckless Republicans more than happy to wave him up to play-through unobstructed. 

While golf may have saved the United States from the full effects of the Obama presidency, the election of Donald Trump has clearly saved us from a President Clinton, who would have surely made up for Obama's lost time on the job, given I'm fairly confident she doesn't play the game, nor does she appear to be quite as lazy.

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