Deported Muslims joining al-Qaeda and the Taliban?

The Washington Post needs a tutorial on writing sympathetic articles about Muslims who are deported from America and Europe.  First, they shouldn't focus on stories of killers and drug dealers who are being deported, as this story about a handful of Afghans deported from Germany does.

Hakimi, 57, spent more than 20 years in Germany, where he married and raised two daughters, but his criminal record made him a high priority for the new return policy. He was once convicted of drug dealing there and was imprisoned for two years, then deported to Afghanistan. 

“Yes, they accused me of selling drugs, but I served my time in prison, and I wanted to be with my family again,” Hakimi said. He said one man slated for the same flight had killed someone but was allowed to stay at the last minute after a church said he had converted to Christianity and repented.

Sorry, not a sympathetic story.

Second tip: Don't report that forced deportations are driving Muslims to join al-Qaeda and the Taliban:

“This is a real crisis for us,” said Rohullah Hashimi, an official at the Afghan ministry responsible for refugees. Many Afghans sold everything before they left their country, and they have returned penniless. With no prospects, he said, they may try to reach Europe again or even join the insurgents.

The propagandists at the WaPo meant this to say that poverty and forced deportations will pressure them to join al-Qaeda.  If only they wouldn't be deported, they would be responsible non-citizens.  But the minute you deport them, you turn them into jihadis.

Sorry, I am not buying this, and I think most people reading this article get the real meaning.  These people are being deported precisely because they are jihadi risks.  Putting aside the additional crimes these particular deportees committed, every Muslim from the Middle East has the theoretical possibility of being swayed toward radical Islam.  We have no idea who is and isn't susceptible.  That's why they have to be deported.  In attempting to make the opposite argument, the WaPo actually is inadvertently arguing in favor of deportations.

Poverty is not an excuse for joining radical Islam.  Many Afghanis are poor but not members of the Taliban.  If they want money, why don't they join the army and fight for their country?  Why don't we ever hear stories about people returning to Afghanistan to fight for their country?  Instead, Mr. Hashimi let the cat out of the bag.

To leftists who compare this to Jews fleeing the Holocaust: remember that Jews were not beheading people.  They were being killed by Nazis.  There was no concern that Jews would come into the country and behead people or engage in mass rapes in a train station or plow through a holiday market with a truck.  Jews also didn't have any Jewish-majority countries to turn to; Muslims have 50.  If Muslims want to flee violence, there are plenty of places they can go to practice sharia law, if their fellow Muslims will lend them a helping hand.  And given their great interest in the plight of the Palestinians, I'm sure the needs of the Afghan, Syrian, and Iraqi refugees are not far from the minds of the people in the Muslim world...or are they?

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