Democrats’ donors dump the losers

The Democratic Party so far is showing no signs of pulling out of its spiral downward.  Quite the contrary.  At least some donors watched the way the Hillary campaign and various PACs squandered their money and got nothing and are saying, “No more!”

Francesca Chambers of the U.K. Daily Mail:

Donors to the Democratic Party burnt out after last month's catastrophic electoral losses. 

Democrats lost the White House and failed to take enough seats in the House and Senate to constitute a majority, and their top donors have had enough.

'I may very well be done with political giving entirely,' John Morgan, a top Clinton fundraiser in Florida told The Hill. 'My message to anyone reading this is, "Don’t call me, I’ll call you." ' 

At this point, what do the national Democrats have to offer donors?  Unless you believe that the people who write big checks are purely motivated by ideals, you have to conclude that donations are going to diminish.  The labor unions will still recycle their members’ dues into the party, of course.  But wht can the party do for unions with Trump and a GOP Congress in office?