Democrat electors: Serve your country! Cast your ballot for Donald J. Trump!

The sore-loser, liberal-left last-ditch desperate attempt to undo the victory of Donald J. Trump (R) as president by begging the Republican electors to  cast their ballots for failed glass ceiling breaker Hillary R. Clinton (D) has gone bizarre.  Second-rate Hollywood entertainment types, who along with their A-list colleagues underwrote part of Clinton's campaign, are pontificating to backwoods, simpleton (to them)  Republican electors to abandon their duty and do Hollywood's duty and vote for Clinton in a truly laughable ad.   Their website urging Republicans to defect is mysteriously registered in a foreign country. Why don't they just go away as promised?  Oh yeah, Canada and Australia don't want them, and they don't want the Cuban paradise they advocate for others.   But, taking the liberal-lefties' tactics to heart, I have a modest suggestion: Democratic electors, show your courage and admit the error of...(Read Full Post)