David Brock surrenders to Fox News and plans pathetic ploy to keep the billionaires funding his empire

One of the great villains of American politics must be getting desperate.  He has become used to getting billionaires of the Sorosphere to fund his tax-deductible operations like Media Matters, which spew out hatred for conservatives and Republicans, but which somehow Lois Lerner never deemed questionable as nonpartisan charities serving the public interest.  Brock’s mission for Media Matters has been to discredit Fox News in recent years.  That didn’t work out so well, what with Fox dominating ratings and now possibly supplying some of its familiar talking heads to the Trump administration.  And, despite relentless attacks on Trump by the rest of the media, he won. Brock’s funders have gotten less than nothing for their money.  And Brock has an expensive lifestyle to maintain. So what does he do?  Why, of course, he claims that he is going to emulate a key perceived element of Trump’s success: Breitbart.com.  Alex...(Read Full Post)