Crazy Charlie's unhinged, again

Donald Trump's ascension to the presidency has propelled many progressives to descend into a full psychotic break.  There can be no better specimen of this perverse condition than actor Charlie Sheen.

According to Fox News, Sheen succumbed to his inner demons by tweeting this holiday message to God, following the death of Debbie Reynolds:

If you believe, as my deceased father used to say, that the apple doesn't fall from the tree, then it makes perfect sense that Sheen the younger would tweet such a lovely missive.  You may remember the prophetic words of Sheen the elder, interviewed by Paul Bond, in the August 9 issue of Hollywood Reporter:

One last question: Do you think Trump can win?

No. No. There's no chance he's going to win.

No chance?

None. Absolutely none.

Why is that?

He has no chance. None. I promise you. The fight hasn't begun yet. I promise you. The tsunami that's going to hit him has not reached the shore yet.

Dang.  It seems that that tsunami didn't quite make landfall.  When that didn't happen, Sheen Senior took to the tube in an effort to convince electors to renege on their pledge to cast their vote for Trump.  But that didn't work, either.  So what's a lefty to do?  Well, in the case of son Charlie, the only remaining assault on the president-elect was an appeal to the Lord Almighty with a death wish.

There's no point enumerating the voluminous public mental collapses of Charlie Sheen.  This one eclipses them all.  Besides, rehashing chapter and verse of the others will only make you feel as though you need a shower.  Or worse.

Apparently unable to employ any self-filters and resist the urge to put his evil desires on display publicly, Charlie Sheen is but one of the loony left out there issuing malevolent dictums.

Keith Olbermann comes to mind in this lineage.  Has anyone else seen his rant – in what appears to be his basement – about the Trump election as a "bottomless pit of racism"?  And that's the printable part of his tirade.  Olbermann's tweets are, as my mother used to say, simply not polite reading, dear. 

And so, fellow Americans, it seems that some on the left have lost not only their common sense, but any shred of civility.  Perhaps their parents forgot to teach them George Washington's Rules of Civility & Decent Behavior, particularly rule number one:

Every Action done in Company, ought to be with Some Sign of Respect, to those that are Present.

Unfortunately for all of us, the Twitter universe means that everyone is present all the time.