Lloyd Marcus: Celebrating the new year with our 100 Day Plan

"Here we are as in olden days, happy golden days, of yore..." Christmas was awesome!  Since moving to Florida 16 years ago, this was Mary's and my first Christmas back to Baltimore for the annual Christmas Eve festivities at my dad's home.  My four younger siblings, their kids, and their grandkids were there.  The Millennial girls prepared a delicious homemade feast.  We joined hands in a huge circle for Dad to say grace. Dad, 89, caught me by surprise.  Passing the baton of family leadership, Dad said his time was running out, and they should come to me as patriarch of the family. I'm a mystery to many in my family: the embarrassing traitorous black political activist they see in the media bashing their beloved Obama.  So when patriarch Dad said this is my beloved son, hear ye him, that was huge.  It is a responsibility I take very seriously. As chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee, I am with our team in...(Read Full Post)
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