Bill Clinton’s trifecta

Well done, Bill.  Mr. Clinton has hit all the leftist trigger points in just one sentence.

Trump was elected by angry white men.”  One, two, and three.  The lefist trifecta.


For Bill to use the word “angry” suggests some type of derailed, uncontrolled thought driven not by intellect and analysis, but by misguided emotion.  I suggest another depiction and a rephrasing.  “Immensely concerned” citizen is more accurate.

There are those who still hold to what Mr. Clinton was portrayed to have believed at one time.  He once boasted “the end of big government.”  He once promoted a balanced budget, though forced to by a GOP-controlled Congress.  Those whom he now holds up as “angry” are actually consistent.  It is Mr. Clinton who has become uncoupled from these principles that he once embraced, and more importantly of late, his candidate wife also dropped the mantle.


Mr. Clinton hits another favorite leftist trigger point.  What would be a comment from the left without a mention of race?  Mr. Clinton, you seem to have forgotten that “white” people helped the first racially mixed president be elected twice.  And you ignore that the candidate who lost was “white.”  The country is still about 70% white; they helped elect Obama, and they helped elect Trump.  What is your point?


The suggestion is that those who voted for Trump must be partially motivated by the fact that the other candidate was a woman.  Conveniently lost in the discussion is what that woman did as secretary of state.  Men did notice sloppy handling of national security related documents, and they did notice the padding of the family foundation with a gimmickry game from a position of power.  Men bristled at the comment “what difference, at this point, does it make” regarding her Benghazi testimony and the lost Americans.

Mr. Clinton has devolved to the messenger of leftist drivel.  This is his “clinging to bibles and guns” moment.  He melts into the leftist landscape with his words.  Those whom he describes as “angry,” “white,” and “men” are actually observant, engaged, and patriotic citizens.

Mr. Clinton seems frightened by a life going forward outside the spotlight and likely is saddened by a much lighter speaking fees and schedule.  The ego that required constant massage will now be lonely.  Maybe Mr. Clinton is the “angry white man.”  Projection is a leftist constant.  But his real concerns should be focused on an attorney general who will not leap to his phone call, nor be summoned to a tarmac.