Anti-hate video banned as hate speech

YouTube appears to have committed an outrageous act of censorship, only to restore a video it deep-sixed after a protest and petition upped the pressure.  Kemberlee Kaye reports at Legal Insurrection:

YouTube banned Prager University’s latest video entitled, “Born to Hate Jews.” The video feature Kasim Hafeez, a British Muslim who tells the story of how he overcame anti-Semitic indoctrination. Hafeez is now a pro-Israel activist.

Hafeez almost enlisted in a terrorist training camp before realizing the error of his ways. He explained how hatred drives many young Muslims into terrorism.

YouTube promptly banned it and had previously restricted 21 other Prager U videos, according to Kaye.

The video has since been restored.  Here it is:

It is possible that an algorithm spotted the title “Born to Hate Jews” and automatically banned it, regardless of the fact that the content was strongly against hatred of Jews.  If so, YouTube needs to hire a few more humans who are not leftists to review what the algorithms spot.

Right now, YouTube, part of the Alphabet family that includes Google, is close to a monopoly when it comes to uploading and distributing videos.  It’s the central registry, the first place you search when you want to learn how to extract seeds from pomegranates or find a documentary on Donald Trump’s 757 (my two mst recent video searches).  That brand franchise constitutes the greatest source of value for the site.

YouTube is seen to be acting with such obvious and serious political bias that it risks generating a demand for a competitor.  There may be a public that will not use YouTube, at least not at first, if there is a viable alternative (yes, a big task, but one that can be executed organically via crowdsourcing).  And with a new administration taking office and anti-trust and other considerations waiting in the wings, this may be rather foolish.