Another stunning Trump surprise: $50-billion investment in USA promised by Masayoshi Son

The master showman who lives atop Trump Tower pulled off another media coup yesterday, descending to the lobby with billionaire Masayoshi Son, who announced plans to invest $50 billion in the U.S. economy and generate 50,000 jobs.  Best of all, Mr. Son stated that the planned Trump administration deregulation is the reason for the massive commitment: "We are going to invest $50 billion in the U.S. and commit to create 50,000 new jobs," Son told reporters. "We (will) invest into the new startup companies in the United States." The Japanese businessman was at Trump Tower to celebrate Trump's election victory, he said "I just came to celebrate his new job," Son remarked. "Because he said he would do a lot of deregulation, I said, 'This is great, the US will become great again'." The hysterical predictions of economic disaster under Trump by Nobel Prize-winning economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman...(Read Full Post)