An antidote to Post-Election Stress Trauma

Many celebrities are still wallowing in Post-Election Stress Trauma (PEST).  It started with their impetuous threats to leave our shores and continues with their futile attempts to delegitimize our President-Elect.

Even though Canada put out the welcome mat, no one has left yet.  Why? 

There might not be adequate treatment options to attend to their delicate psyches.  Canada doesn't boast a comprehensive national mental health strategy, and the Canadians would surely need one if our Hollywood PESTs appeared. 

Perhaps some of our celebrity darlings, seemingly uncomfortable in their own skin, noticed the interminable wait times in Canada for plastic surgery

Maybe they realize that the "Trump Bump" in our markets foreshadows a more energized economy that benefits workers and even engages coalitions Democrats took for granted.  Perish the thought: politicians might even reach accord on tax reform and "shovel-ready" infrastructure investment.

Another PEST-induced activity gripping celebrities is to delegitimize Trump, such as cajoling Republican electors to abandon him.  But faithless electors were scarce, and Trump won the Electoral College vote resoundingly.

It's time the PESTs succumb to the election results.  Renowned for their stinginess toward the poor, these "Bleeding Heart Tightwads," as award-winning liberal columnist Nicholas Kristof described them, may find an antidote to the meaningless predicaments of their self-importance by doing some pro-social spending to help make America great again.  If that doesn't work, then volunteerism should take one's mind off his self-absorbed absurdism...but for heaven's sake, stop "PEST"-ering us.

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