A schadenfreude double-header

If you are sick and tired of laughing at leftists (and not a few conservative NeverTrumps) making asses of themselves, then this post is not for you.  Twice.

First, I invite you to spend seven minutes watching a scathing collection of priceless video moments via the Trump Fan Network (hat tip: Big Fur Hat).

Once you are done laughing, then prepare yourself a festival of derisiveness via Taki Magazine’s Jim Goad.  He has done extensive research in deciding on the 16 most annoying people of 2016.  I have to admit that he’s done a pretty good job, diverse both politically and geographically.  A sample that is appropriate for a family publication (many are not):

A self-described “socialist, feminist, and anti-racist” from Norway, Hauken claims he was viciously raped by a Somali migrant about five years ago. Upon learning that the black buck who tore his [a------] open was being released from prison and sent back to Somalia, Hauken expressed his pangs of guilt:

I also got a strong sense of guilt and responsibility. I was the reason why he should not have to leave Norway, and heading for a very uncertain future in Somalia…I do not feel anger toward my rapist, for I see him most as a product of an unjust world….I am afraid that no girls want me, and that other men laugh at me.

Can’t speak for the girls, but yes—men are laughing at you.