A new possible disaster for Angela Merkel

No Islamic country will take in Palestinians (nor the refugees in the Middle East or North Africa), nor will any deed them unused land.  They want Islam to eradicate Israel's very existence and make no secret of this.  Instead of assisting "refugees," they opt for the West's submission to hijra, or spreading Islam through migration, they rely on the moral narcissism of Europe, led by Angela Merkel. Merkel's New Year's Eve speech is insight into what we can expect in the future.  Merkel's nation is both under attack and in the midst of a revolution that seeks to undo the submission to Islam her administration has facilitated.  For security in Cologne, politicians had police hire Muslim security guards on New Year's Eve 2015, but on New Year's 2016, they "protected" Germany by barring a peaceful march by those who disagree with Merkel.  By following the pattern of absurdity, we may predict what comes...(Read Full Post)