A new possible disaster for Angela Merkel

No Islamic country will take in Palestinians (nor the refugees in the Middle East or North Africa), nor will any deed them unused land.  They want Islam to eradicate Israel's very existence and make no secret of this.  Instead of assisting "refugees," they opt for the West's submission to hijra, or spreading Islam through migration, they rely on the moral narcissism of Europe, led by Angela Merkel.

Merkel's New Year's Eve speech is insight into what we can expect in the future.  Merkel's nation is both under attack and in the midst of a revolution that seeks to undo the submission to Islam her administration has facilitated.  For security in Cologne, politicians had police hire Muslim security guards on New Year's Eve 2015, but on New Year's 2016, they "protected" Germany by barring a peaceful march by those who disagree with Merkel.  By following the pattern of absurdity, we may predict what comes next. 

In 2015, Merkel took front and center to become the "greatest woman" and leader in Europe when she said, "We will take them all!" – regardless of the cost to her own nation or the nations of Europe.  She nullified the "refugee agreement" and brought a torrent of Islamists from the Middle East and North Africa whose own ideology is to conquer Europe.  She was hailed throughout the world by the political elite and mainstream media.  She is now running for re-election.    

What can she do as an encore? 

She can offer a two-state solution.

Merkel, and the EU in general, can "demonstrate their compassion" to the Islamic world by ceding lands that are already, de facto, under Islamic control, and come out to show Israel and the world, by example, how to obtain "peace" with Islam. 

Merkel has already taught European children what it is like to live a "normal" life where the military must stand guard over Jewish and Christian houses of worship, schools, and businesses, as well as the great monuments of European culture – all specific targets of Islamists.  She has taught European children what it is like to grow up in an Islamic nation, living under the incessant threat of violence, fearful of "insulting" the ideology, whether by appearance (women), music, art, literature, or education.  What's next?  Merkel needs another "grand gesture" to reaffirm European supremacy. 

Where to begin to demonstrate this new road to "peace"?  With more than 900 "no go zones" admitted to by the various governments, this should not be a difficult choice.

Molenbeek?  Marseille?  There are Trappes, Nantes, Birmingham, and so many others.  If I am to guess based upon Merkel's personality, the land will be outside the border of Germany.  She does not mind imposing upon others.

Of course, the expense would not change: in many locales, Islamists do not work, but live off the European taxpayer, fulfilling their belief that it is their "due" that their ideology calls for.  Yielding sovereign land to them would not necessarily cost taxpayers much more.  That a "few" Europeans that will have to "sacrifice" their homes for the "greater good" might help ease the guilt of national socialism and "European imperialism" so often cited by Islamic historical revisionists.

The results are predictable, making haste toward the inevitable civil war, preceded only by the short-lived honeymoon of celebration.  As a supremacist criminal ideology, Islam is never satisfied; even when a land is 100% under its control, the violence continues.  With Iran's newfound ransom cash, importing military weapons into one of these "two-state solution" enclave would come under "sovereign privacy" supported by the U.N. 

Such a grand gesture might be what it takes to finally awaken those who slumber in London, Paris, and Berlin, giving voice to the courage of Geert Wilders. 

While the European nests are well feathered, they may bicker about having 52 genders, or compete as to who is the most moral, most tolerant, and the most offended.  But when the realities of war return to Europe, survival instincts displace the absurd and illogical.