A big 'whoops' for Donald Trump

Weeks away from stepping into the White House, Donald Trump appeared to fool the skeptics, who fully expected him to trip over his necktie and fall on his face.  Just the opposite, he seemed presidential and gracious to the losers, initially to his competitors during the nominating process and later to loser Hillary, dropping his promise to jail her.  His cabinet choices have been five-star picks – more than five if you count all the stars on the shoulders of the former generals he has nominated.

And then...whoops.

Arguably for the most important cabinet position, that of the secretary of state, third in line of succession for the presidency, Mr. Trump chose someone who may well have been Hillary's pick: Rex Tillerson, supporter of Planned Parenthood, wrecker of the Boy Scouts of America, and a medal recipient from the KBG thug Vladimir Putin.

The nominee has no military or diplomatic experience.  His deal-making credentials bring back memories of George W., who looked into Putin's soul and thought he could do business with him.  We know how that turned out.  Hillary also learned stuff about reset with the Russians.

Mr. Tillerson has only scratched the depth of the kleptocracy and naked ambition that is Putin's Russia.  An advanced course to Mr. Tillerson in the former evil empire, as he sits at State, is a bad idea.

What to make of this nomination?  Mr. Trump appears to have picked someone in his own image: a tycoon and a deal-maker, a social liberal who succeeded in business.  Unlike the former military nominees for Defense and Homeland Security, whom Trump picked to establish his own and his administration's toughness, Mr. Tillerson is just another globalist, an empty suit by comparison.

If Mr. Trump picked him to poke the RINOs in the Senate, he will get his wish.  And that is too bad, because a skirmish in the Senate this early in his administration will not bode well for the legislation that Trump needs to keep his other campaign promises on immigration, border security, and jobs.

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