Will the left actually incite a civil war?

In recent months, we have heard a lot of hyperbole concerning the deep divisions in American society.  At its most extreme, this division is described as embodying an impending civil war.  I used to laugh at the mere suggestion.  Now I am concerned.

Such suggestions are considered by many to be outrageous, because the American Civil War (1861-65) was a bloodbath (as many as 800,000 died) that tore the nation into two opposing sides.  As one can readily see, civil war is an extreme event but is it unreasonable to ask if we are facing another such catastrophe?

While all of us should hope not, it would be foolish to underestimate the potential for violent disruption of our society.  Like the old Confederate veterans who spent the remainder of their lives harboring bitterness and resentment, many of the losers in the most recent national election desperately refuse to yield to the new president-elect.

Allow me to lose a few friends here.  I voted for Trump, so scratch me off my liberal friends’ Christmas card (or Kwanzaa card) lists.  Then, to make matters worse, let me lose many of my conservative friends also by saying I can somewhat identify with the radical leftist protesters.  I can do so because I had tried to mentally prepare myself for the devastated feeling I would have experienced in the event of a potential Clinton win.  Had she won, I would seriously have been in fear of losing our republic.  Having marched in the 2009 TEA Party protest in Washington, D.C., I would now be anticipating a far less peaceful event and this time the Democrats would not have had to plant agents provocateurs to incite violence, as they did at Trump rallies.

I dreaded what might happen had Clinton won. I literally thank God that she did not.

It is therefore not entirely impossible for me to peer into the minds of the anti-Trump protesters, since their dread has actually materialized as a Clinton defeat at the polls.  So far, their angst has been manifested mostly in tears, whining, and cowering but there is a violent element among them.  Their fears are enormous, some imaginary, some real, but in either case, those fears will motivate them.  The imaginary fears include the predicted assembly of illegal immigrants into concentration camps.  The real fears include loss of political power and all its perquisites, including the dictatorial ability to force bakers to serve cakes at same-sex ceremonies, an ability that portends much worse to come.

Be assured that every failure of liberal policies (such as the implosion of the Obama health care system) will now be blamed on Republicans, and particularly on the man they despise most, Donald Trump.  The Democrat ministry of propaganda (formerly the mainstream news media) will headline every unfortunate instance of a child suffering from disease, and loudly proclaim that the child would be in perfect health had not Trump cruelly withheld the funds to save that child.  Such diatribes cannot help but incite violent emotions.

Calls for assassination will be made, as in fact they already have been, including by educators.  God help us should something tragic result.

From my side of the front lines, I still view the republic as at risk.  From their side, many may now feel they have nothing to lose.  Had Clinton won, I would very likely feel the same.

While I pray for peace, I remain mentally prepared for war.  May my thoughts on this be proved laughable.

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