Why the Clinton Machine broke down

Much will no doubt be said of the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the election despite having supposedly won the popular vote.  Yes, there are those who claim that her margin in the popular vote was due to fraud, but even if there was no fraudulent voting at all, there are still very big problems with the claim that she was the more popular candidate.

Not only did Clinton’s campaign outspend Trump’s by a very large multiple, but on top of that, Hillary benefited from unrecorded donations-in-kind from the mainstream news media.  Most of the alphabet news networks, along with many prominent newspapers, effectively campaigned for Clinton and against Trump.  In effect, the news establishment has become the ministry of propaganda for the far left.  They are no longer a Fourth Estate, but a Fifth Column.

Despite all that, Clinton lost.  Her narrow margin in the popular vote might have been reversed except for the fact that, in the three largest states on the Pacific coast, many Republicans saw no point in voting.  Those states have such a large majority of Democrats that Republicans are clearly outnumbered and are therefore more easily discouraged to the point of staying home.  Had those discouraged Republicans voted, Hillary’s popular margin may well have been negated.

So, even with the fraudulent votes, mostly from illegal aliens, Clinton did not persuade the majority of American citizen voters to support her.

Now let’s turn to the other side of this issue, which is to ask why so many Americans were indeed persuaded to vote for Clinton.  Many of them are recipients of taxpayer money and tend to favor the party that hands out the goodies.  Many others are by their nature of a socialist bent, believing they are entitled to the fruit of other people’s labor.  Many are simply misguided.

This still leaves a large number of Democrat voters who are persuadable to vote Republican.  Some were, but why weren’t vastly more of them?

The answer is money.  Political advertising costs lots of money.  It is a sad fact of life that enormous numbers of Americans are heavily influenced by advertising, including political ads.  Worse yet, they are swayed by ads that are loud and repetitive.  Democrat voters are the most susceptible to the kind of propaganda at which the Democrats excel.  The Big Lie theory is alive and well on the left, and their finances dwarfed those of Trump.

Fortunately, the propaganda machine failed – this time.  It failed because the used car salesmen of the left were trying to sell a junk car that had already been test-driven.  They continued to try to sell it even after the doors and wheels had fallen off, leaving many former Democrat voters stranded on the side of the highway.  Those voters were fed up, angry, and determined not to be tricked again.

This is why the Clinton machine broke down.

What should concern us is that it almost pushed our nation over the edge of a cliff, a fall from which there might have been no return.  A Clinton Supreme Court alone could have doomed us.

Beginning now, the new government must address why so very many Americans voted for Clinton in an election that should have been handily won by any Republican candidate in a landslide.

Part of the answer lies in what Trump calls the dishonest media.  Another very large part lies in the education establishment, in which millions of American students are propagandized from kindergarten through college.

This time we scraped through.  Unless we get to work, next time we might not.

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