Watch as Tucker Carlson reams MSM reporter for acting as DNC stenographer attacking Jeff Sessions

Members of the mainstream media still are having a hard time understanding that the old days in which they could get away with pretending to be journalists, not propagandists, are fading into memory.  Donald Trump called their bluff,  WikiLeaks exposed the level of conspiracy between Democrat leaders and journalists propagandists, and the American people confounded the media and supported Trump and Republicans down the ticket. Nobody is taking better advantage of the new relationship between journalists propagandists and the voting public than Tucker Carlson.  I have to say that I am highly impressed with the way he is taking on the shibboleths of lefty journalists propagandists in his new role as host of the eponymous Tucker Carlson Tonight, replacing On the Record with Greta van Susteren in the 7 P.M. time slot on Fox News Channel.  I now faithfully record every new show and watch for Tucker unsheathing his critical mind and challenging the blatant bias...(Read Full Post)