VA's greatest hits: Old Glory is going to jail

When soon to be ex-president Barack Hussein Obama was making his final speech on Veterans' Day November 11, 2016, he was perfectly aware that on December 1, our veterans are going to be tried on charges of displaying "a placard" – that is, American flag.

Obama sermonized: "We owe you our thanks.  We owe you our respect.  And we owe you our freedom."  But he skipped the part where veterans get handcuffs, threats of probation, imprisonment, and a giant fine as a bonus.

He did reminisce about Memorial Day, when "our country came together to honor those who have fought and died for our flag," but he totally forgot to mention that VA bureaucrats and his "distinguished guest," Secretary McDonald, define the American flag as "a placard" and that someone did give orders to VA police to persecute our veterans for "displaying the handbill."

It must have slipped his mind, busy with "peaceful transition"...

For several months, our veterans were harassed by VA police, who "confiscated the evidence" –the American flag – and then dragged them to court on idiotic charges as many as 15 times.  Both Obama and Secretary McDonald turn blind eye and a deaf ear to overwhelming proof of harassment and won't drop the falsified charges against honorable American veterans.

As usual in Obama's "Dear Folks" speeches, this Veterans' Day, he had to mention "two veterans from Tennessee – one in his fifties, one in his sixties," who wrote him "to say they would happily suit up and ship out if we needed them."  Since names of veterans in their seventies and eighties who would rather go to prison than leave a homeless veteran and American flag behind were not mentioned, let me do the honors:

Robert Rosebrock, our 73-year old Vietnam-era Army veteran, a tireless and Pattonesque homeless veterans' rights advocate, has been criminally charged with "Display Placards, Post Material on Bulletin Boards."

Dave Culmer, an 84-year old, our Marine hero: Korean and Vietnam War, proudly displayed American flag, and had it disrespectfully and illegally confiscated by VA police.  Our Marine received falsified arrest citation for "displaying a placard."

Last but not the least: Ted Hayes, known also as Mr.Patriot, internationally (but not nationally!) respected civil rights activist and homeless veterans' rights advocate – cited by VA police for displaying American flag.

I won't comment on photos where smiling VA policemen leave their "to protect and serve"-embellished cars to mistreat our most honorable, elderly veterans and fold the "confiscated" Old Glory like a rag.  Only quotes from General Patton, Mad Dog's prose, and a few verses from Gunny G poetry spring to mind.

Obama's administration normalized blatant disrespect for American symbols to the point that Kaepernick-like "protesters" can count on a presidential blessing, and a mob burning the American flag can enjoy violent acts against "the symbol of oppression" with impunity.  Meanwhile, veterans who honor American flag are treated like criminals.

Not sure how this adds up to peaceful transition.  Let patriots and new Commander-in-Chief do the math.