University of Alabama removes pro-Trump chalkings over 'hostile language'

A series of pro-Donald Trump messages scrawled in chalk on sidewalks at the University of Alabama has been removed because school officials decided the language was "hostile."

Washington Times:

A series of pro-Donald Trump chalk messages containing “hostile language” were removed from campus at the University of Alabama Friday afternoon.

Chalk messages reading, “Build a Freaking Wall #yuge,” “Trump 2k16,” “#Feminism is Cancer,” and “[Expletive] Your Feelings,” were found scrawled on school property outside Manly Hall, UA’s student-run newspaper The Crimson White reported.

Manly Hall houses the Department of Religious Studies and the Department of Gender and Race Studies, noted.

While the first two messages clearly referenced Mr. Trump and his immigration policy, the latter two were coined by gay conservative activist Milo Yiannopoulos, a popular face of the alt-right movement.

“This messages [sic] are warnings and threats to all of us who want a better world for all,” Juan Black Romero, a UAinstructor of gender and race studies, wrote in a Facebook post accompanied by photos of the chalk messages. “This is what is being offered as a reality in this election with Trump, this limitation and eradication of anything that doesn’t build race and fulfill the desires of Whites.”

Huh? All of those hidden meanings in chalkings? I've got to brush up on my race studies so I can see the world through the broken prism of instructor Romero. In a word, he's "cracked."

Political chalkings on campus have increased as the election nears, causing the school to issue new guidelines stipulating who can write the messages and where they can write them. 

“Only registered student organizations (through the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership), departments, and faculty organizations are allowed to chalk within the guidelines,” the policy states, and “No chalking can be closer than 20 feet to a building. A building structure includes porches, stairs, and drive-thrus.”

Friday’s chalkings apparently violated both of those guidelines and the messages were removed by 12:40 p.m. local time Friday, The Crimson White reported.

How refreshing it is to hear a clear cut call for suppressing opposing views. No need to couch the language of censorship in noble words when the intent of the administration is clear.

When they start removing pro-Hillary scribblings, then we can talk. 

I suppose if one chose to be offended by the messages - or chose to treat them as "hostile" - then the administration would have a case. But they're only words, expressing opinons that aren't allowed at the U of A. Aside from the use of an expletive - which would probably offend even some Trump supporters - the notion that there are certain words that in and of themselves are "hostile" goes against everything the First Amendment stands for. That the U of A and other colleges refuse to recognize that is the tragedy of our time. 

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