Trump's victory over political correctness

Leftists who infest academia, public schools, mass media, the entertainment industry, the legal system, and every institution of society that has nooks for cadres masquerading as bureaucrats believed that they had transformed thinking in America. 

Whole generations have grown up knowing only the dreary myths of leftism like man's oppression of women in the Western world, white bigotry as the explanation for black failure, the virtue of disintegrating nations and cultures into a grand global state, and the moral equivalence of all religious and irreligious systems.

Leftism conflicts with human experience, and it produces failure for every imagined vice it pretends to remedy.  Indeed, the left is terrified of solving problems and lifting lives because it exists to feast on misery.  Leftism, at its black heart, is simply a seedy collection of lies used to enable leftists to behave like demons while claiming the mantle of angels. 

Like all such creepy sorts, leftists need most of all fear.  So leftists invent absurdities like pending doom from global warming or police murders of innocent black youths or men creating a "glass ceiling" for women, and leftists hiss and frown and threaten anyone who challenges the paradigm they have invented as a means of clinging to power.

So when someone like Donald Trump treats all this leftist cant disdainfully and ignores the scolds and witch doctors of leftism, he shows just how little we have to fear from these people.  In fact, the more he pushed the envelope in the middle of a presidential election, the less he fretted about the dire cautions of leftism when he was not politically correct, the more Trump exposed them as old, plump, dull frauds. 

When he then won the presidential election and led his party to complete control of the federal government and greater power in state governments, the shrill instructors of political correctness were exposed as unable to really affect the opinion of most Americans any longer.  That emboldens the rest of us to rather conspicuously dismiss all the silly screeches of "sexist!" and "racist!" and "homophobe!" and all the other familiar leftist curses.

Trump's selections so far show that he is going to utterly ignore political correctness.  Rather than run an "affirmative action" administration in which barely qualified (or, really, unqualified) individuals are elevated into the highest and most sensitive levels of government in order to make the cabinet "look like America," Trump has decided to pick the very best people for the jobs that require our best talent.

So white guys like Senator Sessions or General Flynn or Congressman Pompeo are picked by Trump because these men were the very best talent available.  Trump tosses the myth that the best talent in America somehow must look like a demographic snapshot of America and that any deviation from that snapshot reveals latent racism, sexism...blah, blah, blah.  

The hapless collection of incompetent blacks whom Obama has placed in vital offices was about to be replaced by another hapless collection of incompetent women by Hillary, who promised to make half of her cabinet women.  Trump's new administration will show by the stark contrast of soaring success just how pathetic affirmative action – a fifty-year-old failure still defended as a temporary ameliorative – is when the very best executives and administrators replace those lame creatures admitted to college through affirmative action, promoted in government and business because of affirmative action, and finally lifted to the highest pinnacle of shaky inadequacy so that politicians can look inclusive. 

The contrast of candor and accomplishment will not only "Make America Great Again," as our incoming president has promised, but also show that discarding political correctness and embracing skill, talent, and guts is the key to our nation's greatness.  That success will dispel forever the imagined virtues of political correctness and will expose the harm that our fifty-year experiment in that false value system has cost us.

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