Trump, the rough man

I submit that Trump is best viewed as a "rough man," ready to do violence to protect us.

Despite hilarious claims that imply he will end the world in a nuclear Armageddon, he has been a businessman most of his life.  He has negotiated his way to wealth, providing goods and services of value along the way, paid for voluntarily by customers.  That’s how capitalism works.

Did he step on toes (or worse)?  Absolutely. He tried to stay on the right side of the law at all times, which is more than Hillary can claim.  Did he do things that people didn’t like, perhaps considered immoral or unethical?  Sure.  He got things done.  When things he tried to do were ineffective, he quit doing them.  As a businessman, he needed to make a profit to stay in business.  Unlike government, he couldn’t make mandatory the purchase of his products.  He took seriously the fact that it was his name and reputation on the buildings and other things.  He made mistakes, and he paid fines and legal settlements when courts so ordered.  He took responsibility, and not just verbally.

He built his success starting in the liberal havens of the northeast, learning to work with government and unions and any other power sources on the scene.  Is his speech too unsophisticated for you?  The man can communicate what needs to be said, no matter how many snowflakes melt at his political incorrectness.  Rough, yes, but valuable as a diamond or an idea.  He can acquire polish as needed, over time, like a river rock.  Let the burblings of pundits and other elitists wash over him, or the rapids of political war.  I believe he will stand for what is great about America because it includes the things that allowed him to succeed and that will allow his children (and everyone else’s) to succeed.

Is he “ready to do violence” to protect us, as the quote says?  I believe so, and I believe it may be needed, thanks to the Obama-Hillary Iran deal.  Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un aren’t sitting home reading comic books, either.  Who knows the future?  Better and safer a president who might use deadly force than someone who isn’t willing to go further than an f-bomb.

It’s come to this: two candidates whom most people want to vote against.  You should make your own choice, but if you don’t vote for Trump and Hillary gets elected, don’t say you didn’t want her to win.  Don’t say you did what you could to stop her, because you didn’t.  And if you don’t vote, it means you don’t much care who wins, so you have little grounds for complaint, either.

May the rough man win.