Trump, a shocked Vatican, and ‘papal’ climate change

It appears that many Vatican officials are unhappy with Donald Trump’s presidential victory.


From the National Catholic Register:

… Corriere della Sera reported Nov. 10 that, according to its research, most in the Vatican were backing Hillary Clinton as the ‘lesser evil.’ Trump, on the other hand, was considered ‘unelectable’ due to his ‘aggressive chauvinism,’ in addition to his threats to deport 11 million illegal Mexican immigrants and ban Muslims from immigrating to the United States.

Now that the ‘greater evil’ has won, the Vatican is viewing the United States as ‘angry and radicalized,’ Corriere della Sera wrote….

A ‘lot of incomprehension’ and ‘bitter shock’ were generally prevalent for many in the Vatican, agreed one U.S. official who spoke with the Register. Based on ‘failings of reporting,’ he said, Clinton was represented as far preferable to Trump, who was portrayed as a ‘buffoon,’ and reporting about Clinton’s shortcomings ‘never sunk in.’

Due to a general lack of understanding of the U.S. ‘culture wars’ in Italy, Clinton’s radical pro-abortion-rights position also hardly figured at all in media commentary.

I can’t help but wonder if the Vatican is becoming the enemy of authentic Catholicism.  It sure seems that way.  As for Pope Francis, I was certainly willing to give him the benefit of the doubt in the early months of his pontificate, as were most other orthodox Catholics.  Sadly, his pontificate has turned out to be a huge disappointment.

He loves to give off-the-cuff remarks to members of the media about important moral matters that deserve far more serious and thoughtful treatment; he thrives on ambiguity in his speech and writing; he prides himself on being humble and merciful – “Who am I to judge? yet his words and actions toward orthodox clergy and laity have been insulting and arrogant.

And he has seemingly embraced the left’s political agenda.

From Catholic World News:

The international community has a ‘serious ethical and moral responsibility to act without delay’ in combating climate change, Pope Francis said in a message to COP22, the UN climate conference taking place in Marrakech, Morocco.

I concede that Francis has said some good things over the last couple of years, but the perplexing and bad have outweighed the good.

Dare I say that President-Elect Trump just might be a bit more humble than the Jesuit from Argentina?

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