The totalitarian impulse flourishes at George Mason University

When the Nazis took over Germany, one of their strongest bases of support was found in that country’s famous universities.  Many faculty members were delighted as Jews were purged, opening up career opportunities, while students, with their “skulls full of mush,” as the fictional Professor Kingsfield put it, were enthusiastic supporters of the radical transformation promised to them.  The adolescence and post-adolescence years are, after all, the time during which human beings in effect tear down some of the old order (their parents’ world and its imperatives) and construct their own order.  Revolutionaries of all stripes have understood this and used students as a major power base for rebellion. George Mason University is showing disturbing signs of embracing a totalitarian impulse, even though it is supported by the taxpayers of Virginia.  Consider that its admissions director, Andrew Bunting, did something astonishing: publicly called...(Read Full Post)