The MSM savaging of Melania Trump begins

The media attack against Trump and all things Trump-related continues apace, eager to seize on anything to paint him (or his family or his advisers) in a bad light.  And so, a piece at Yahoo News made an issue of a dress that Melania Trump recently wore.  The headline read: “Melania Trump Wore a $1,655 Fiery Red Dress for 60 Minutes Interview.”

Were readers supposed to be outraged by the price tag?  Given the media’s predisposition to smear the Trumps at every turn, I’ll assume the worst intentions about the headline.

But hey, if the media can’t skewer Melania on the cost of her clothes, there’s plenty more they can pile on.  Such as when she met Michelle Obama and wore a simple, classy black sheath dress that some in the MSM bashed, accusing her of looking as if she were going to a funeral – with at least one outlet going so far as to suggest she wore it in anticipation of her husband losing the election (which makes no sense; she wore the dress after his glorious win).  (See here, here, and here.)

And if her dress costs too much or if the color is too somber, there’s still more to smear  such as when the media accused her of copying Hillary Clinton when, on Election Day after Trump won (is everyone still smiling?), Melania wore white and Clinton had worn a white pantsuit when she accepted the DNC nomination.  Good grief!  (See here.)

So I thought I’d come to the defense of our soon-to-be first lady and take a little trip down memory lane, highlighting the cost of a few lefty (and sometimes hefty) outfits in order to balance the scales.

Anyone remember the dress Michelle Obama wore a couple of years ago when she and Barry hosted French president François Hollande at the White House?  It cost $12,000.

For the most part, though, it’s not easy to find information on how much the first lady has spent on clothes because it’s something the White House has tried to keep private.  Gee, I’m shocked.

Then there are the clothes Hillary Clinton wore as she ran to break a truly historic glass ceiling by becoming the first felon to be elected to the office of the presidency of the United States.  Each of her pantsuits (and sometimes just the jackets alone) typically cost thousands of dollars.  She once wore an Armani jacket when giving a speech about inequality that cost more than $12,000.  (See here, here, here, and here.)

I don’t expect presidential candidates or first ladies to buy their clothes at Walmart and hold no grudges against them for wearing designer clothes.  I do, however, resent hypocrisy (which is also sometimes spelled theobamas or alternatively, the Clintons) and a biased media.

So don’t start in about Melania Trump’s clothes.  The Trumps are incredibly wealthy.  More power to them.  And Melania is about to become the first lady, which requires a certain standard of appearance – something I expect she will uphold with elegance and grace.

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