Suck it up, Pantsuit Nation

The sniveling, whining, tear-stained faces of Pantsuit Nation have become hard to ignore. In case you haven’t heard of this august group, here’s a primer from Time’s Washington Correspondent Jay Newton-Small:

In the final week of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, a group of mostly women formed a secret Facebook group called Pantsuit Nation. It rapidly ballooned by Election Day to nearly three million members. They posted photos of themselves voting in pantsuits to honor Clinton. They organized trips to the polls for those who couldn’t drive or needed childcare. They came out of the closet to their new community of virtual friends as queer or bisexual and talked about the importance of being “stronger together” for their daughters and their sons. Surely, this group was evidence of a surge of women’s support for the potential first female president?

Oops. Something must have happened to all those pantsuits on the way to the polls, according to Newton-Small:

Clinton made some gains amongst college-educated white women, but overall she lagged compared to President Obama’s 2012 turnout among young women, Latinas and, most especially, non-college-educated white women, whose overwhelming support of Donald Trump (at a rate of 62 percent overall, according to exit polls) helped turn the tide particularly in the Rust Belt. 

So what happens when the wounded stop crying? Why, any pop psychologist could tell you. They get enraged, as evidenced by L.V. Anderson in Slate:

Of course, the biggest and saddest reason white women chose Trump over Clinton is simple: racism. Trump tried to pit straight white men against everyone else -- women, people of color, people in the LGBTQ community, immigrants -- and white women decided they didn’t want to vote on the side of “everyone else.” They wanted to vote on the side of white men.

Shall we take a moment to respectfully disagree? Racism is not why American women voted for Donald Trump. In fact, it was the left who shamelessly preyed upon women’s values and insecurities with constant appeals to their lesser selves. Democrats campaigned tirelessly on the issue of women and the female vote totals for Trump are a stark repudiation of their slimy tactics. Something Hillary supporters are now desperately trying to comprehend.

So here’s a reality check for them -- a few simple, cogent reasons why women in this country voted for Donald Trump and not for the reigning Queen of Chappaqua:

Women got past themselves and considered their children. They recognized that the future of their children and grandchildren would not be pretty after four more years of the Obama-Clinton timeline continuum.

It’s the economy, stupid. Any woman who has had to make payroll or sign the front of a check (instead of just the back) knows they can’t keep hanging on by a thread financially. And they are oh so tired of ObamaCare premiums that have soared past their mortgage payments.

Alert the media: women are not a group. American women are not a group but rather fiercely independent individuals. Whether you are slinging hash at a local greasy spoon in the Rust Belt (and I’ve been there) or working as a CPA in your own business, women have individual needs, wants, desires. And for heaven’s sake, white women don’t vote based on race. They don’t think of themselves as European-Americans of the female gender.

The greatest explanation for women who voted for Trump is that they refused to be told by their betters what to do. Shocking as it may sound to the grieving left -- women can think for themselves. Perhaps someone should inform Ms. Anderson who wrote, “White women sold out their fellow women, their country, and themselves…” that the white Trump female voter didn’t sell anyone out. They voted for who they wanted to be the next president of the United States. Just like men.

And we might also apprise them that pantsuits went out of style in the 1960s.