Should Trump hire Homeland Security adviser who wore a hijab after 9/11?

Some of my most vivid memories of 9/11 were:  

1) The second plane crashing above me into 2 World Trade Center.

2) People falling from the buildings, and on the ground running for their lives.

3) Later, imans wailing about "Allah" on the radio, as if this were Saudi Arabia state programming.

4) And, some time after 9/11, the incredible scene of several members of the Bush administration going to a mosque to show their solidarity with Islam (where Bush was also speaking).  One of them was Frances Townsend, the former Homeland Security adviser to President Bush.  She's the one on the left in the photo below, wearing the makeshift hijab, as she attends the mosque event, which was also attended by the head of CAIR, the Hamas front group.

Now Townsend is reportedly under consideration to take back her job under Donald Trump.  Others like Milwaukee sheriff David Clarke are also under consideration.  Let's hope Trump selects Clarke.

Here's why he shouldn't pick Townsend:

1) A former Obama administration official calls her a "calming influence,",which is code for a less than aggressive take on radical Islam.

2) She criticized Trump's proposed ban on Muslim immigration.

She criticized Trump’s proposed ban on Muslim travel to the United States (since revised and re-revised by the president-elect many times) as dangerous, given that it could alienate Arab allies.

3) She was an enemy of Trump until quite recently.

She also signed on to a letter along with more than 50 other conservative foreign policy experts labeling Trump unfit for the Oval Office, although since his election, she has hinted at softening that position.

4) She had the poor taste to don a hijab, showing subservience, rather than opposition, to one of the most conservative forms of sharia law.

This is not a woman who should have her old job back. Let's hope Trump is informed about her past and picks someone else.  If she wants to wear a hijab or a burka, let her do it on her own dime and on her own time.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at