Saturday-night quarterbacking

Let's stop Saturday-night quarterbacking.  Monday-morning quarterbacking occurs after the game: if the coach had gone for the first down instead of the field goal...or had done this or that...

Saturday-night quarterbacking occurs before the Sunday game.  Trump should do this or that or another thing.  Let the man run his game.  I have been wrong more times than right on Trump's actions.  And I have been a fervent supporter from the first.

Look at Newt Gingrich and Kellyanne Conway.  They should have remained silent, but both have publicly gone all in on opposing Romney for secretary of state.  Trump is boxed in.  If he chooses Romney, it is going to be a slap-down for both.  If he doesn't choose him, they are going to look as though they have influence they may not have.  It will polish their brands.

If Trump makes a choice independent of their coaching, neither the slap-down nor the brand polishing will be relevant.  If he chooses Romney, both will look diminished.

Trump may find Romney redeemable.  Romney may have apologized in private.  Sometimes, after you have proven your mettle, your strongest critics can become your best allies.

Let Trump decide!