Only the criminal blames the snitch

You're sitting at home watching TV, and you see Charles Manson come to the door.  Of course, you don't answer it, so he reaches back and throws a package through your window.

You're hesitant to open the package; after all, it's Charles Manson.  However, eventually your curiosity overwhelms you, and you open it!  Pictures of your spouse in flagrante delicto with someone else!

If you are a loyal Democrat, the emails are the pictures.  And James Comey, the Russians, and WikiLeaks are all Charles Manson.  Ignore it because of whom it came from.  Or whom it came from means it shouldn't "count."

These are symptoms of Ostrich Syndrome – sticking one's head in the sand.  Or maybe O.J. syndrome – refusing to believe the obvious facts right in front of your face.  L.A. cops are crooked, so the DNA can't be trusted.  Or Fuhrman said the "n"-word, therefore everything he said is a lie, and the DNA was changed.  The Russians hacked Podesta, so the emails shouldn't be believed.  Or shouldn't count.

Sure, we all do this.  If Pelosi says a hurricane is coming, many conservatives would immediately venture outside to get a tan.  If Ted Cruz said gasoline is not good for you, loyal Dems would make a bananagas smoothie (with plant protein, of course) their favorite morning treat.

Most of us will, eventually, face the facts.  Going forward, we might dislike Charles Manson even more, but eventually we will question the spouse.  It will be difficult to convince us that the pictures don't mean anything regardless of who sent them.

Of course, some people still believe that O.J. was innocent.

Charles Manson might be at my door someday.  But right now I am looking at what's important – the pictures.  Only the criminal blames the snitch.