One dissident speaks of confusion in Cuba

We saw celebrations in Miami, but we live in a free country.   

We did not see much of anything in Cuba beyond official statements.  Cuba is not a free country.

Yoani Sanchez, a blogger in Cuba, described the early hours like this:

“Still many in Havana have not reacted, the streets are empty in my building. Silence,” she added. 

On that silence, Sanchez reflected: “The silence extends, it is dawn, but the fear is felt in the air. Harsh days are coming."

She also tweeted an image of the television hostess reporting on the event: “An erratic and nervous Tv female voice-over, dressed in black, talks about reactions to Fidel Castro’s death.”

Sanchez founded Generación Y, a blog in which she recounts how the life of a Cuban under the Castro regime that is so notorious that she won the Ortega y Gasset award and Maria Moors Cabot award.

From her blog was born 14ymedio, the only independent medium that is managed by Cubans, but censored within the island by order of the Government, no Cuban can read it while he is in his country.     

Also, we read via Babalu that Cuban secret police abducted the anti-communist artist Danilo Maldonado.  His mother told the Diario de Cuba that her son had taken to the streets late Friday to celebrate the death of dictator Fidel Castro.    

My guess is that he is not alone.  There are probably other examples of young people in the street celebrating Fidel Castro's death.

The quiet street is primarily due to a call for a nine-day state of mourning announced by the dictatorship.     

At the same time, I don't think Raúl Castro wants people in the streets.  I'm sure dictators have good memories.  Every dictator in the world remembers how people in the street and food shortages ended up overthrowing Nicolae Ceaușescu of Romania.

Cuba is now entering a very dangerous and interesting period.   

Raúl Castro could go rogue and look for an exit in exchange for lifting the embargo.  He could also get harsh and clamp down out of fear.

Time will tell.  We will follow daily reports from dissidents.

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