Oh-oh! Donations plunge to Clinton Foundation as Hillary speech money dries up

Even before her defeat for the presidency, Hillary Clinton’s departure from the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation crippled its fundraising for that “good work” we have repeatedly been assured the foundation does.  Like hiring members of the Clinton machine to plot...Chelsea’s rise as a candidate for Congress.

It turns out that when you lack influence, it’s hard to peddle it.

Khaleda Raman reports for the U.K. Daily Mail:

Donations to the Clinton Foundation plummeted amid Hillary Clinton's failed presidential run, it has been revealed.

The non-profit organization's latest tax filings show contributions fell 37 per cent to $108million - down from $172million in 2014, according to the New York Post.

Donations fell as the former Secretary of State left the group in April last year shortly after announcing her run for the White House.

Her departure also meant that revenue brought in from paid speeches plunged from $3.6million in 2014 to just $357,500.

Why, it’s almost enough to make you believe that Hillary’s speeches weren’t about wonderfully entertaining and enlightening presentations at all, but rather about bribing a future president.

I sure hope those Clinton Foundation fundraisers aren’t paid a percentage, but rather are on full salary.  It’s going to be slim pickings.

As for the Clintons, they are not in danger of starvation.  Chelsea is now the family’s only hope for continued political influence.  Lots of luck with that, guys.


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