Obama takes one more overseas vacation on the taxpayers' dime

Obama never misses a chance to disparage the United States while praising himself.   Obama is visiting Greece, Italy, and Peru, for God knows what reason, except to take a last vacation on the taxpayers' dime. Yesterday in Greece he said the election is not a referendum on his tenure and criticized the election as having a "dark side" of populist movements. The Washington Post reported on November 15, 2016: Obama, who made it clear during the course of the hour-long news conference that he did not view the recent U.S. election results as a referendum on his own tenure or world vision, suggested that targeting specific racial, religious ethnic groups could backfire[.] ... Obama ... made it clear that he sees a dark side to the kind of populist movements Trump's campaign embodied[.] Obama said: "We are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude sort of nationalism, or ethnic identity or tribalism that is built around an us and a...(Read Full Post)