Obama introduced to life as a lame duck

President Obama was in Greece and Peru a few days ago.  He did not get a friendly welcome from the street, according to news reports:

In Lima, Peru for the APEC summit, hundreds of angry protesters greeted his arrival, demonstrating against him and TPP in the city's financial district. Clashes with police erupted.

One sign said Salga de Obama, La Bestia Capitalista (Get Out Obama, The Capitalist Beast). Another displaying a skull and crossbones said EL TPP MATA (TPP kills). 

According to Socialist Left alliance leader Martin Guerra, it "destroys the country's economy, diminishes labor rights, privatize territories and hinders access to basic medical care."

I guess the Cairo speech, "hope and change," and "sí se puede" did nothing for these demonstrations.  They hate us just as much as they did when a pro-life cowboy from Texas was traveling on Air Force One.   

To be fair to President Obama, these marches have been around for a long time, from V.P. Nixon in Caracas 1958 to President Reagan accused of starting a war by nuclear freeze nuts in 1983 to President Bush hailed as Hitler in 2003.    

So what's new?  Well, it was not supposed to happen with Mr. Obama.  We never had a president who ran to be popular and loved around the world.

So please don't blame some of us if we are scratching our heads a bit.  After all, they told me there'd be huge anti-U.S. demonstrators if I voted for Romney.    

And they were right!  Prophetic!

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