News flash to protesters: Obama has deported 2.5 million illegals

People are protesting with signs that read "Stop Deportations Now!"  Those signs never popped up before Election Day 2016.

Cornell West, a black professor at Princeton, who is so hard-left that he is disappointed in Obama, in an interview on BBC's Newsnight (1:15), reminded the interviewer that Obama has deported millions of illegals.  Then Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes repeated the little known but significant factoid on the Charlie Rose Show.

The L.A. Times also acknowledges this fact but can somehow feel that Obama and Trump are different:

The Obama administration set a priority in his second term of deporting migrants with criminal convictions, and it has expelled 530,000 convicted criminals since 2013. Since taking office in 2009, Obama has expelled 2.5 million people, more than any other president.

According to two senior officials in the transition team, Trump’s advisors will seek to widen that net to include migrants who have been charged but not convicted, suspected gang members and drug dealers, and people charged with such immigration violations as illegal reentry and overstaying visas, as well as lower-level misdemeanors.

The L.A. Times journalist, though referencing two senior officials, has an ideological motive to make Obama seem just and reasonable, while Trump is mean and harsh and unreasonable.  But the truth is that the journalist doesn't know how Trump's policies will evolve over the several months after his inauguration, and certainly not over the next year or two. 

Further, the protesters are simply ideologically hell-bent on discrediting Trump's immigration policies, much as protesters of the Iraq War harassed President Bush but dissolved when Obama took over. 

To review just a little, what's so mysterious about this huge number of deportations is why Team Hillary during the campaign never used this startling number to reassure the Blue Wall Dems, the working class, that she cares for their jobs, and to reassure voters that Obama has deported millions of illegals with a criminal history (beyond entering the country illegally).  Maybe the Dems preach a strange brand of "social and economic justice" (which they alone get to define): they don't publicly boast that they're deporting people, and illegals can even remain and get driver's licenses, but the Dems in fact deport them behind the scenes.  How is that "economic and social justice"?

In any case, the current protesters need to settle down and stop distorting and overlooking the facts.

James Arlandson’s website is Live as Free People, where he has posted How to Become a Citizen in Earliest VirginiaTrump’s Victory Is a Black Swan in a Perfect Storm, and Why the Dems Lost.

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