New York Times promises to lie no more

On Friday, Pinch Sulzberger, publisher of the N.Y. Times, wrote a letter to his newsroom apologizing for their coverage of the Clinton/Trump campaign while simultaneously asserting they were completely unbiased.  As non-apologies go, his is a classic.  It took him 279 words to say the equivalent of “we told the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about both candidates and we promise to stop lying about Trump in the future.”  He sounds like a kid caught shoplifting: “I didn’t steal nothin’, and I’ll give back anything that wound up in my pockets, honest I will!”

And then, the very next day, Pinch’s “newspaper of record” published a story wherein Hillary blames her loss on James Comey:

Mrs. Clinton’s contention appears to be more rooted in reality -- and hard data. An internal campaign memo with polling data said that “there is no question that a week from Election Day, Secretary Clinton was poised for a historic win,” but that, in the end, “late-breaking developments in the race proved one hurdle too many for us to overcome.”

So an “internal campaign memo” from Hillary’s campaign is now “hard data”?  And this just 24 hours after your letter to the newsroom?  Your “journalists” just can’t help themselves, Pinch.

Henry Percy is the nom de guerre of a writer in Arizona.  He may be reached at saler.50d[at]