Mr. President: Get the lead out

Since November 8, the left-wing media-academia establishment have been throwing a tantrum that would be the envy of any two-year-old. They are bawling, "Twump is wacist! Twump is wacist!"

These children of the convenient calumny are playing a game more clever than they are. They bask in an undeserved sense of moral superiority while relieving themselves of any actual service or charity for the "marginalized" folks they credit themselves with caring so much about.  Also, the charge of racism, sexism, this-ism, that-ism can never be disproven.

Obama has already laid the groundwork for future helpful remarks about the new administration's racism.  So much less disruptive to one's jet-setting and golf to sermonize and poke the air with index finger than to actually help anybody.

Here's a suggestion to the 45th president to actually help Americans: kick-start with a yuge engineering effort to clean up the water in Flint, Michigan.  The facts are well known.  In 2014, public officials diverted the city's source of drinking water from Lake Huron to the Flint River.  As a result, townspeople, including thousands of children, have been consuming brain-damaging levels of lead as well as other pathogens.  Michael Moore (not often admired in these AT pages) has written bitterly about how the Pentagon, under the first African-American commander in chief, has been using abandoned homes in Flint for military bombing practice and the streets of the overwhelmingly black area for ground combat training.  People still living in the area have been traumatized by the sound of the bombing.

The response to the crisis of toxic water in Flint has been typical of the left-wing welfare machinery – slaps on the wrist for a few public officials and a couple hundred million dollars pumped into the pockets of career public health bureaucrats to treat people without an adequate plan to fix the causative problem.  Similar to criminality, black people become more valuable to the government health bureaucracy if they are maintained as sickened and at risk.  Reportedly, people have been depending on a dole of clean drinking water, which is Democrat utopia.

Moore initially blamed the Republican governor and his associates for the crisis, but even he had to face where the buck really stops in the federal bureaucracy.  On May 4, 2016, Moore tweeted that President Obama's stage-crafted "sip-the-water" and sprint to luxe-jet photo-op was "such a disappointing thing to see."

President-Elect Trump likes to remind that he is a great builder, with the Rolodex to get things done right and quickly.  In a few weeks, he will have the Army Corps of Engineers, as well as an army of private contractors and concerned volunteers, at his disposal.  Right now, before taking the oath of office and without pandering to the prattle of wacism! wacism!, he can announce his administration's first infrastructure project.  He can unite the American people by vowing to make the water of Flint great again.