Memo to Trump: Don't appoint Romney

There is much talk on all the TV news and opinion shows and the political journals that Donald Trump will appoint Mitt Romney to secretary of state, or some other important office.

This would be a mistake.

Mitt Romney did not want Trump as the nominee.  He could have shown some class and loyalty to the Republican Party by keeping his opinion to himself.  Instead, he went public with repeated savage attacks not only on Trump's policies but mostly on Trump's character.  This was completely uncalled for.  Trump won the primaries; he was the nominee.  Trump had endorsed and supported Romney in 2012.  Romney should have either endorsed and supported Trump or stayed quiet and not attacked Trump.

I could understand Romney criticizing Trump's policies during the primaries and Romney endorsing another candidate during the primaries.  But he did not do that.  He attacked Trump after Trump won the nomination.  This helped Hillary, not Trump.  It was disloyal and stupid.

Simply stated, Romney does not deserve any important office in the Trump administration, especially not the secretary of state.  The secretary represents the president in dealings with all nations.  Along with the secretary of treasury, attorney general, and secretary of defense (originally of war), it was one of the first four Cabinet positions created.  It is an important and prestigious office. 

Trump will not gain anything from his loyal supporters by appointing Romney.  The MSM will cheer him for a few days, but the decision will send a message to Trump's supporters that disloyalty gets rewarded.

It is clear the Rudy Giuliani wants the secretary of state office.  He is the most loyal supporter of Trump, and more qualified than Romney for any office.  He deserves the office, or any other office he and Trump agree upon.

The only office that might make sense is to appoint Romney ambassador to Israel because Romney and Benjamin Netanyahu are friends.

But the best course for Trump meeting with Romney at the New Jersey golf course is to allow Romney to apologize for his remarks, and give Romney some golf passes to Trump's golf courses, and send Mitt back to Massachusetts.