Media disgrace themselves once again

I tuned in at 7 EST and flipped channels 'til 2 a.m.

The imbecilities flew thick and fast from the get-go.  For the first hour and a half, the talking heads were all on the same page: Trump had awoken a “sleeping giant” in the Hispanic vote.  Hispanics were more than compensating for African-American no-shows, and they would teach the Republicans a lesson they would not soon forget.  Unless the party pandered to minorities, it was doomed.  Where have I heard this before?

When it became clear what was happening, we were instructed ad nauseam about “uneducated white males,” “white men without a college education,” and “angry white men.”  (It had never been “angry Hispanics” earlier.)  Then, for a while, we were lectured about the betrayal of the “suburban women” who had apparently voted en masse for Trump, inexplicably.  The men lived in mill towns and on farms, but their wives lived in the suburbs.

Then came a slew of dark references to Putin.

The mea culpas were exclusively about the polls underestimating the angry whites.  But they had been less than candid with interviewers.

I was switching among the four MSM sleeping giants (skipping the Clinton News Network and MSNBC), so it’s possible I missed something, but I heard literally no references to the following:

A corrupt and dishonest media

The Clinton Foundation

Hillary’s deleted emails and her successive lies about the private server


The long trail of Clinton scandals, from Cattlegate and Whitewater in the Disco Age through Bimbogate, Travelgate, and Pardongate, and on to the glory years of pay for play after 2000.  Apparently none of the heads watched or read – even in the comic book version (which is quite good) – Peter Schweizer’s Clinton Cash.

Huma Abedin and the Muslim Brotherhood

Illegal immigrants

Syrian refugees

The only mention of Hillary’s emails was a point made by ABC’s Jonathan Carl around 11, for which he patted himself on the back, that we were all forgetting about Comey’s unfortunate intervention in the campaign, which had arrested Clinton’s surge.

The first mention of Obamacare that I heard was on ABC at 1:35 a.m.

Then the media exacted its revenge on the angry whites.  When it was abundantly clear by 12:30 or so that Trump had won Wisconsin and Arizona, was pulling away from Clinton in Michigan and Pennsylvania, and maintaining a slim lead in N.H., the talking heads and their bosses refused to call any more states for Trump.  (Fox eventually slipped Wisconsin into his column.)  This ploy served the triple-purpose of making the election look closer than it was, delaying Trump’s victory speech until after many viewers went to bed, and keeping the networks’ ratings up.

Nice job, guys.