Loretta Lynch's lies and corrupt actions are sickening

Months before her secret airport meeting with Bill Clinton on June 27, 2016, Attorney General Loretta Lynch went on television and promised the American people that Hillary Clinton would not receive special treatment. 

On March 10, Lynch appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.  The host asked Lynch if Clinton would be indicted for risking national security by setting up private servers to conduct government business while at the State Department.

Lynch assured Colbert and his audience that her Justice Department would act "fairly" and "independently" and that anyone with a "famous name" or "political interest" would be treated not at all differently from someone "you've never heard of before."

"Americans look at what we do," she said, "and have to have that faith in the Department of Justice."  Lynch also stated that "we don't talk about ongoing matters under review in the Justice Department." 

From YouTube (beginning at 05:03):

Attorney General Loretta Lynch thinks she can fool Americans with that honey-toned, lullaby voice of hers, but she is another garden-variety agenda-driven leftist who, just days after the suspicious encounter with Bill Clinton in Phoenix, announced that former secretary of state Hillary Clinton would not be indicted.

Apparently, the top law enforcement officer of the United States and a Harvard-trained lawyer did not understand how a clandestine 30-minute meeting with Bill Clinton followed shortly thereafter by a refusal to indict his wife might look to the outside world.  Lynch quickly responded to criticism at the time by insisting that the meeting was "primarily social" and that "I certainly wouldn't do it again."

Three months after the "grandkids and golf" talk, Lynch's chickens are coming home to roost.  The recent WikiLeaks revelations coupled with FBI director Comey's decision to reopen the criminal case against Hillary Clinton has Lynch in the hot seat.  Joseph Klein at Frontpage Mag accused Lynch's DOJ of "corruptly aiding and abetting the Democratic Party's presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, to escape legal accountability for her actions."

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is suing the Department of Justice, demanding records "containing the names of any DOJ official, staff or employee who participated in any discussion regarding the meeting between General Lynch and Bill Clinton that occurred on Monday, June 27, 2016, at Sky Harbor International Airport in Phoenix, Arizona." 

If Lynch truly wants to restore Americans' faith in the Department of Justice, she should resign immediately and then prepare for a separate investigation into her decision to grant Clinton special treatment.