Lloyd Marcus's final thoughts: Election Day 2016

Well, folks, this is it: Election Day 2016.  Similar to the words of Bette Davis, it has been a very bumpy, grueling, and emotional ride.  Mary and I have been on the road for over a year, living in hotel rooms and out of suitcases, with occasional pit stops back home in Florida to pet Sammy, our greyhound.  Mary loves on her seven cockatiels, three parakeets, and three cats.

First we campaigned for Cruz.  Cruz was not selected, so we moved on, going all out for Trump.  Why?  Because Hillary is the devil.  Period.  I need not explain further, because we all know of Hillary's multiple crimes, lies, evil actions, and repulsive self-aggrandizement.

As I sit with my lovely wife in a west-coast hotel room, my thoughts are all over the place.  "Let's do a last-minute music video of my 'Trump Train' song using pictures from Trump rallies."

I did an internet search for pictures from Trump rallies.  Man, was I blown away.  The crowds were jaw-dropping.  How on Earth is it possible for this man not to win the presidency?  The excitement of the crowds, the passionate emotion on their faces!

I thought about my black relatives who rejected me explaining to them countless times how the Democrats have been screwing blacks for decades and how voting for Hillary equals more of the same.  And yet my relatives remain embarrassed and angered by me.  While working out at the gym, it hit me to simply shake their dust off my shoes and move on.  That is what Jesus's disciples were instructed to do when people rejected the Gospel.

I thought about Republican John Kasich.  I try not to beat up on people who are supposedly on our side, but this guy should be done politically.  With us on the brink of losing our country, Hillary putting a hardcore lib on the Supreme Court, etc., Kasich ran to the airways to proudly proclaim that he voted for John McCain instead of Trump.  Clearly, Kasich's politics is all about him.  Disgusting.  We the People are so through with Kasich and his ilk.

I thought about mega-rich black celebs selling out fellow blacks by deceiving them into voting for Hillary.  These black betrayers are reaping the rewards of following the standard American success formula of education, hard work, and right choices.  And yet they sell blacks the Democrats' lies that blacks cannot make it in extremely racist America, where blacks risk being murdered by cops every time they step outside their homes.

The Democrats' lie that America is a hellhole for blacks is so freaking stupid.  It defies logic and what we see before our very eyes.  And yet my black relatives have swallowed their Democrat plantation overseers' lies hook, line, and sinker.

Blacks are only 12% of the U.S. population.  Therefore, white America elected Obama for two undeserved terms.  And yet idiots in my family still parrot the Democrats' absurd lie that the majority of white America did everything in their power to block Obama from becoming president and have fought him implementing his wonderful agenda for the past eight years.  If I sound frustrated and annoyed, it is because I am.

Black betrayer and actor Samuel L. Jackson says America is extremely racist.  Oh, really?  White America has made Jackson worth $170 million.  Black betrayer Oprah, who says America is as racist as it was back in the days of Selma, is worth $2.8 billion.  Half-black betrayer and pro football player Colin Kaepernick says he will not stand for our National Anthem until blacks are treated fairly in America.  Kaepernick is worth $22 million.  These ungrateful racial hate-generating black celebs are spitting in the face of millions of white Americans whose support has made them wealthy beyond their wildest dreams.  There are simply not enough blacks in the U.S. to generate such wealth for these anti-America blacks.

Numerous wealthy blacks are out there betraying everyday blacks by feeding them from the Democrats' bucket of victim crap.  They should be mentoring black youths to stop murdering each other, stop dropping out of school, stop having babies out of wedlock, and start making moral choices.  Young blacks should also be taught to stop surrendering their power by blaming their woes on someone other than themselves.

Jackson, Oprah, Beyoncé, and other wealthy black Democratic  Party operatives are excellent at what they do.  Why not encourage black youths to follow their path of striving for excellence rather than telling blacks that the deck is stacked against them?  Shamefully, these black betrayers tell their black fans to vote for Democrats (Hillary) who treat blacks like inferiors, bought off with free phones and free diapers for baby mamas.

What truly sucks is that these powerful celeb black betrayers could do so much to end the racial hostility in this country created by the Democrats over the past eight years.  Democrats have despicably used Obama's race as a bludgeon to beat into submission all who oppose them implementing their socialist-progressive agenda.

Anyway, these are my final thoughts before the most crucial election in U.S. history.

A Christian sister emailed me saying that whoever wins this election, she will trust God.  I say, "Amen, sister!"  Still, I believe that Trump will win.

Trump Train Two Music Video by Lloyd Marcus

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