Liberals, NeverTrumps, establishment Republicans: You elected The Donald

Watching news and reading opinion pieces in the aftermath of Trump's win, I am especially appalled by the reports of people being beaten up for being Trump supporters.  At first I wondered if, providing the thugs get apprehended, there will be a prosecution based on it being a hate crime.  Sure looks like hate to me.  If I didn't speak English, I would imagine the victims were being called racial slurs.

Then it occurred to me: "this is why Trump won."

Trump voters, people may blame or credit you for Trump's win, but stay humble.  The whole country participated.

Those who didn't vote for Hillary, thank you, but you could have helped her to beat Trump.  This includes anyone who voted for Johnson, Stein, or even a fictitious individual.  They never had a chance, so a vote for any of them was mathematically a vote for Trump.  Even if you were a NeverTrump, you helped elect him.  Those who didn't vote at all, you could have.  By choosing not to vote, you chose to let Trump win if that's how things turned out, so enjoy his victory.

Those thirty million or so illegal aliens residing in this country and having jobs or collecting welfare benefits for their anchor baby's support, you're responsible, too.  The people of the United States are a tolerant group, even when uninvited guests show up and behave badly.  But there are limits, and if you don't leave when asked nicely, don't be surprised if the local law enforcement is called.  You were a main plank of the platform that got Trump elected.  He couldn't have won without you.

Democrat congressmen and senators, especially Pelosi and Reid, your willingness to pass mono-partisan legislation like the ACA puts you on the list of primary causes.  Obamacare is a disaster sold on lies and without buy-in from the people who have to live with it, while Congress carved out a sweet little exception to the rules for themselves.  If you had gotten all the way to single-payer, you're rich enough to go anywhere you want for medical treatment.  The "deplorables" would still be stuck with substandard care, after a potentially lethal wait time.

Going hog wild (apologies to actual hogs) on increasing spending also helped open the voters' minds and hearts to Trump's candidacy, so thanks to the Republicans in Congress, too.

President Obama, your contributions are too many to list.  Your attempts to manipulate every situation to cast it as an example of white bigotry soured the mood of many white people who optimistically voted for you.  You turned out to not be the change they were waiting for.  You made things worse by encouraging blacks to think that every white person is a racist looking for a tenuous excuse to kill them.  Once voters took Congress away from you, you started writing executive orders as if you were issuing royal proclamations.  You "didn't need no stinking Congress," so to speak.  Trump is expected to repeal almost all of those writs.  You get a special place on the list of those who got Trump elected.

Activists, especially groups like Black Lives Matter, pat yourselves on the back.  Your violent tendencies were mostly acted out on other black people, but we saw them on TV, and we were not amused.  It turns out that people, of any color, prefer to live in relative safety.  Maybe it would have been different if you had victimized only whites, but you were aided and abetted by politicians who gave you "room to act out."  The black business owners who suffered from your vandalism didn't appreciate it.  Even though you inadvertently helped Trump get elected, I don't think he will, either.

Take a bow, everyone.  We all did something to help Trump get elected.