Liberals hate me for voting for Trump

In Brooklyn, if you say you like Trump, the liberal crowd laughs and then turns bitter.  They feel that you are an idiot.  They feel superior to you.

It startles me that such bigoted people could dislike me.  What makes them think they are better than me?  Some of them have only B.A. degrees or less.

They feel that their fraudulent love of humanity and diversity makes them better than me.  They don’t understand that liking and disliking draws distinctive lines across the map.  Without signs, you don’t know which highway you are on.  Saying “yes” to every sort of freakishness is a way of saying “no” to reality and values.

Liberalism is a failure to find pathways to intelligence in your brain.  It is being cut off from reality.  It is compromising with truth in order to pretend you accept noxious views so you can pat yourself on the back and bless yourself.

It amuses me that liberals think I am stupid because I am conservative and voted for Trump.  Yet I have a Ph.D., was a CEO of a large company, have published six books, and rapped on and produced three record albums.  I produced, wrote, and starred in a movie screened at Sundance Film Festival.  I also wrote the lyrics for a jazz album with Nina Simone’s brother, Sam Wayman.  

I’ll skip my amazing athletic accomplishments.  

Liberals smirk at me as if I am a stupid Trumpite.  Might it occur to them that I am more intelligent than almost every one of them?  Yet I don’t judge them.  Their simplistic values are their own judgment.

Brooklyn is a nice borough.  It’s a shame that liberals make the trees blush with their own stupidity.  Their bark is the rough yelp of prejudiced anger.

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