Liberalism’s ‘Oh, s**t!’ moment

The criminal nature of the Clinton Foundation is now hiding in plain sight for those old fashioned liberals who watched their Democratic Party fall into the hands of Alinskyite leftists who believe that rules are for the other guy.  At the same time, thanks to Wikileaks, the public is getting a glimpse of the weirdness that is part of the culture of Hillary’s brain trust.

The people I am thinking about are liberals because they want to have compassion for the less fortunate, and are not financially dependent on the state. They have been taught that Republicans are horrible and that Donald Trump is Hitler incarnate. So maybe Hillary’s honesty is unreliable, but she has been an easy choice compared to Hitler.

But now, as it sinks in that foreign powers bought favors from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and that her husband really did fly on the Lolita Express, I suspect that epiphanies are busting out all over Liberalland.  A swath of Trump voters might call this a “come to Jesus moment,” but most of these liberals are devout secularists and uncomfortable with language that would never pass muster at the Faculty Club.

Among such people, resort to Anglo-Saxonisms can be employed when necessary for emphasis. So, in their honor, the epiphanies should be called what the title of this piece indicates.

I doubt that very many of the people who go through one of these moments before casting their ballots will choose Trump. But I suspect that a lot more of them will either leave the president vote blank, choose a third party loser, or -- best of all -- stay home, disourage that they have ben duped all these years.