Liberalism's death song

What does the Trump victory mean?  It means that liberalism as a culture, as a governing philosophy, is dead.

Like any revolution, it will take time to propagate, time for the old regime to die off (metaphorically).  But it will happen.  Americans retook control of the country.  Now we know that it must be fought for at every step, at every “safe space,” at every "the Constitution is for slaveholders."

We are up to that job, now that we know (a) that if we don't fight, the country is destroyed and (b) that therefore there is a mission in fighting.  It is not our role to be becomingly reticent, becomingly polite when someone pushes us out of the way, whether it is a liberal judge or some loudmouth radical.

We can't retire and assume "everything will be okay."  It won't, and we know that now.  That gives significance to the fight, to attending the school board, to voting on the petitions, to supporting politicians who want to rein in the judiciary.

The MSM are laughably clueless about why they lost.  They think it was this fact, or that reporter, or some editor.  The press threw itself behind the liberal model.  It is a key characteristic of liberals that they think opposition to them is not part of the process, but is illegitimate.  The press sees constitutional republicanism as evil.  The MSM seeks not to report the facts, but to create the narrative – not to report history, but to make it.  The only problem they have is that in the free market, when your product fails, you fail.

Liberals have a lazy, smug self-regard.  That is the result of 50 years of unbroken victories in the culture wars.  (Even Reagan didn’t really damage them.  He was frying other fish.  He pushed the Soviet Union onto the scrap heap of history, which is enough for any president.)

In a constitutional republic, the judiciary is there to decide questions of fact, not of law.  It may even be necessary to rein in the Supreme Court by limiting either its jurisdiction or the reach of its decisions i.e., adopt Lincoln's approach that a Supreme Court decision applies only to the parties to the case, not universally.

The Supreme Court was envisioned by the Founders as the ultimate guardian of the Constitution, of the individual against the state.  But since it was captured by the left, it has become the leader of the charge to destroy the Constitution and substitute for it the sensibilities of right-thinking people.  Of Ruth Bader Ginsburg rather than We the People.  Uhh…nope.

Thrilling times.

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