Lena Dunham, please don't go!

Lena Dunham said that if Trump won, she would move to Vancouver, Canada.  It's unclear if Canada needs more rape-hoaxing exhibitionists at this time.  Let's hope not, because Lena Dunham probably did more to elect Donald Trump than any of the celebrities Hillary Clinton gathered around her.

To the rest of the planet, Democrats offer broken borders and hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars transferred to enemies like Iran.  To the American people, they offer weed and circuses.  Hillary Clinton chose Lena for the center ring of her celebrity circus, coincidentally where the elephants perform.  Fortunately, Dunham is a numbskull who spews 1970s feminist clichés while displaying herself naked on the toilet.  Hillary used wealthy, super-privileged performers like a ten-thousand-foot pole to touch the American people from afar.  Madam Secretary saw her subjects as mindless celebrity-besotted masses.  Some are, but those clucks don't tend to vote.  After spending her life covering up for a rapist, and claiming dynastic privileges of high office on the basis of her marriage to him, Hillary couldn't make any connection to American women.

Still, Dunham's gross and Godless existence oozed onto Hillary and reminded us of who Hillary Clinton is.  For example, Lena's showmanship about the fun side of abortion, such as her  abortionist Halloween costume, clicked with Hillary Clinton's extreme views on late-term abortion, which  amount to infanticide.

Lena and Hillary both believe that whatever the cares or concerns of the American people, their struggles and needs will always take a back seat to sodomitical rights.  The kid sister Dunham molested grew up to be homosexual.  No surprise there.  Dunham's writing emphasizes "gay" rights, which fit Hillary Clinton's self-destructive fixation on that issue.  Poor Robbie Mook was far out of his depth, but he was the right sexuality for Hillary's front man.

Lena Dunham psychologically decompensated to Trump's election thusly: "I ached in the places that make me a woman, the places where I've been grabbed so carelessly."  Carelessly grabbed?  Really?  Dunham has bragged that her job on TV was to have her private parts slammed by a cast member.  The Godless carnality that is the foundation of postmodern liberalism is displayed in the first phrase of Lena's lamentation: "the places that make me a woman."  Body parts, not love, make Lena Dunham a woman.  Not only are those places she compulsively exhibits all she knows about being a woman, but carnality is all the left knows about being human.

Many celebrities said they would leave the country if Trump were elected.  And life in America would be more pleasant without the lingual athletics of Miley Cyrus or the foulness of Amy Schumer.  But Lena, don't go!

Hopefully, your connection to the Clintons and other prominent Democrats will grow stronger by the midterm elections.  It's rumored that Chelsea Clinton is being groomed for a career in elective office, and she has Mom's and Dad's pay-for-play zillions behind her.  Lena, you are close in age and could be bosom buddies, though hers will probably be covered.  Leave her kids alone – but don't leave America.  Your nation needs you.