Holy Terror in Chicago?

It’s frustrating that good, orthodox Catholic priests have to walk on eggshells here in the Archdiocese of Chicago, while politically leftist priests-activists, who are the darlings of the political/church establishment and local media, can basically say and do whatever they please without fear of punishment from the clerical powers that be.

The latest example: Father Jose Landaverde.

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

In the last year, Donald Trump brought a lot of hate against immigrants and Latinos around the country,’ [Landaverde] says….

Landaverde, as well-known for his tactics on immigration as the Rev. Michael Pfleger is for his against violence, is defiant.

"It is totally impossible that Donald Trump will come to our beautiful city of Chicago and take away our rights, he says. "We are talking about a safe place for those who are suffering. Many of us, we will die to keep the city as it is."

So Landaverde “will die to keep the city as it is”?

Heck, I don’t know if even the notoriously anti-GOP Pfleger would entirely agree with that sentiment. Pfleger recently posted on his public Facebook page (cleaned up a bit):

While we continue to protest the election of Donald Trump (and we should), let’s also protest the violence snatching our future. This weekend, five killed, 32 wounded. In November so far, 35 killed and 173 wounded. And this year so far, 618 killed and 3273 wounded. This is indeed worth protesting and stopping!

(Someone should remind Pfleger that Trump and the Republicans are not responsible for the bloodshed.)

That is Chicago “as it is.” A safe place?

And we can’t forget about the suburban Chicago priest, Father Jack Plotkowski, who said shortly before the election: “I don't care who hears it. Anyone voting for Trump is going to hell. It's a mortal sin.”

One thing is certain: love doesn’t trump (ahem) hate in blood-soaked Chicago.

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