Hispanic Los Angeles neighborhood tells 'white' art galleries: 'Get out!'

Racial diversity, we are told, is a great thing – unless the people moving in are white.  That's why it's no surprise that a heavily Hispanic neighborhood of Los Angeles is calling for "white" art galleries to pack up and get out. The message on the steel roll-up gate of Mihai Nicodim's gallery could not have been clearer: With obscene language, the spray-painted words condemned what they labeled "white art." It was not the first time Mr. Nicodim had been targeted by activists in Boyle Heights, a neighborhood long seen as the heart of Los Angeles's Mexican-American community. Just days before, two cars pulled in front of his gallery during an opening and the passengers, their faces covered in bandannas, hurled potatoes, hitting one woman in the leg. At the opening of another gallery, protesters threw beer bottles through the windows. Earlier this fall, activists placed mock eviction notices in front of galleries. Marching down...(Read Full Post)