Hillary's rapist client never served a day of his sentence

The sheriff in the 1975 case where Hillary Clinton defended an accused rapist and had arranged for a plea bargain says Thomas Alfred Taylor never served time in jail after he was sentenced.  This despite a court order that sentenced Taylor to only ten months in jail.

Just as Hillary Clinton had said at the end of an audio with journalist Roy Reed in 1984 that she "got him off with time served in the county jail," Washington County sheriff Herbert Marshall said that after Hillary pleaded down the charges from first-degree rape, where he could have received a sentence of 30 years in prison, to unlawful fondling of a child, that Taylor never spent another day in jail after his conviction.  Rather, he was put on probation, which was completed in 1980.

Taylor was held in the county jail for just two months between May and July 1975 before he was bonded out, when the bond was reduced from $50,000 to $2,500, of which he had to spend only $250 in cash.  

Sheriff Herbert Marshall recently said he was "majorly pissed" when he was ordered to release Taylor.  He noted that a case as grievous as Taylor's was rare and that he was "extremely pissed" that Taylor served only two months.

Also, Taylor was not on a work release program, as some of Mrs. Clinton’s defenders have said.  Marshall said he could not even remember anyone being on work release at that time, and he would definitely have noticed if Taylor had been.

On the Sean Hannity Radio Show of November 4, Sheriff Marshall said, "When I got the call, when I received a court order to release him, I couldn't believe it. I immediately called the prosecutor's office to find out what was going on. Because here I had a man for a heinous crime and was ordered by the court to release him."

Marshall went on to say that if this man had gone before a jury in Washington County (Arkansas), "he'd have went down for thirty years to life" and that this was a case "where just the assault alone should have gotten him 5 years. Then the rape on top of that should have been sent to prison for 30 years."

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